Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Challenge is set...

I've always found writing a blog the hardest of tasks! I'm usually sat, coffee gone cold, looking at the ceiling hoping something really clever pops into my head! But there is hope... I like to doodle... infact I like to doodle so much I made it my job! And after a light bulb moment I thought what better to blog about than my current Doodle A Day challenge! So here's how it began...

One rainy February Morning in the Lavender Tree...  sat on my computer pretending to look very busy (Looking at holidays), Emma, (Yes another Emma it may get confusing), set me a challenge! To design a Card a day for 14 days!

So to catch up, here are the designs...

So far up to Day 5! I will be blogging tomorrow with Day 6! And remember "Doodle A Day" is the emsOriginal way!

Day 1... Castle in the sky

Day 2... Digby the Lovely Dinosaur

 Day 3... From the Zoo

Day 4... For the Little Princess

Day 5... For the Little Pirate

Keep tracking the emsOriginal Doodle a Day challenge!