Saturday, 14 July 2012

All good things....

The Cherry Tree girls x
 What a month for emsOriginal! As many as you may have heard, the lovely shop 'The Cherry Tree' in Knutsford will be shutting its little door for the final time soon, a mixture of reasons including the difficulties faced in these economic times and it really has struck a cord to how many of our lovely indie shops are being driven out off the high streets and advised to simply join the online world. I am a true supporter of the independents and it saddens me to think of a faceless brand moving into all our lovely little shops. Independent shops don't just exist to retail, but they provide expertise and knowledge of the products they are selling as the owners of these little shops have a real passion and love for what they do. It has been a beautiful shop and with the support of the owner Sara Hoodfar, it has been the stepping stone for my business and I will forever remember this little haven within the village I grew up in and in turn a shop that helped me grow my business to the success it is today! I am sure the owner Sara will go on to create and inspire more with her amazing eye for something beautiful and unique and her support for other graduates and artists just like me!

emsOriginal is taking the first steps into the big wide world! I will be moving from the Cherry Tree in the next few weeks and working from my humble abode till I find that perfect little studio in cheshire to operate from- as soon as I have news I will be updating all my lovely customers! Please don't hesitate to get in touch with orders during this time, I am offering a free postage and delivery service (in Cheshire) from Monday 16th July till the end of August to help during the big move so look forward to hearing your new design ideas soon and I will get creating! Please email - if you do require a design consultation and a meet that is no problem I can still meet in and around Knutsford and so will look forward to seeing you soon!

This year I feel is going to be a big year for emsOriginal, I have lots of ideas and I can't wait to get down to creating, and for all wedding customers there will be a few treats in store too!

Please follow the blog for more updates! Speak soon!