Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The European Tour continues...

So emsOriginal took a little time to re-evaluate ideas and decided the best way to do this was Paris. Champagne, snails (Yes i tried one!), and the Mona Lisa was calling!

What a place to go and i really did feel like the girl who finally got to go to Paris! It seems its the home, the beginnings of all things beautiful. From sauntering down the Champ Elysee's to wandering around Montmarte, feeling every bit of the bohemian past. The little winding streets and the amazing views across Paris from the Steps of the Sacre-Couer just echo the bohemian ideals of beauty, truth, freedom and love. I really do love Paris!

I had a fab time! And feel those Parisian vibes are currently flowing through my veins and can't wait for a little downtime in the autumn to begin on a new body of artwork!

The Art of Parisian food!

The Parisian Patisserie!
Love Locks on the Bridge by the Notre Dame
View of Paris from the Montmarte
The Girl who finally got to go to Paris!